To what extent does packaging shape a company’s brand strategy?

December 19, 2022

Packaging is the first point of contact between consumers and brands and it establishes a relationship that can be forged even before the consumer sees the product itself. However, not all packaging manages to make this kind of impact.

If it is going to win consumers over, brand packaging has to meet several criteria and should play a dual role that blends functionality and marketing to deliver a new concept in packaging that sustains efficiency while also drawing the consumer in.


The marketing techniques employed in product packaging play an important role in the purchase decision-making process. Most purchases are made based on intuition and this means that consumers are incredibly swayed by product packaging. In fact, if we take a closer look at the impact packaging can have, some studies show that over 70% of purchase decisions are taken at the point of sale and products on supermarket shelves have less than three seconds to draw the customer in.

In other words, even if a person has an idea of what he or she intends to buy, the average customer does not always know which brand they will buy before they make their purchase. This is where brand packaging and its role as a deciding factor comes in.

Last of all, the influence of brand packaging extends beyond physical points of sale. In our increasingly digitalised world, packaging with unique designs stand out and this is further amplified when images are shared on social media. Some can even end up going viral. If packaging achieves all of this, not only does it enhance brand visibility, it also affords the brand a much more positive social perception of its products.




All brands seek to stand out from the competition to attract potential customers and generate sales. There are several ways of doing this, but packaging is the number one tool. Numerous studies have demonstrated the solid link between packaging aesthetics and consumer preferences when making purchases. In other words, packaging that stands out because it is different or has a clever design can push consumers into choosing that particular brand over the competition.

But packaging is not only a means of generating sales; it gets products known and reflects the brand image. This implies managing to draw consumer attention to brand values, demonstrating what the brand represents and communicating the quality of the product. Packaging can use this to bolster the relationship between brands and consumers because the latter get the feeling that they know the brand better and position it as their brand of choice.

When it comes to online sales, packaging is particularly important because it is the first thing that consumers see. If companies fail to use this as a means of improving the shopping experience and even as a way of fostering customer loyalty, it is a missed opportunity. In e-commerce in particular, brand packaging is a wonderful marketing tool.


If we want our brand’s packaging to achieve everything we have mentioned in this article, then we have to nurture certain details.


First and foremost, packaging should reflect company values and the design is the main way of doing this. For example, brands that wish to be perceived as more traditional or that sell artisan produce tend to use classic or vintage fonts for their text.


Customised packaging is another way of winning consumers over because it makes people feel a part of the brand. So much so, in fact, that some brands even launch small batches of certain product packaging and turn them into successful collectable items. This does not happen very often, but it is a good example of how originality should be a cornerstone of packaging design, particularly if we want our product to stand out from the crowd.


Good packaging should be sustainable. Using and sharing sustainability as part of a marketing and brand strategy means making this concept real. Greenwashing is the term used to describe brands that create the illusion of being green when they are actually quite the contrary. Consumers are increasingly aware of the sustainability of the products they purchase, so suggesting that a brand is sustainable when it is not could prove counterproductive.

At SP Group, we are leaders in packaging. Not only do we meet the most demanding of protection and preservation expectations, we also deliver in visuals and sustainability.

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