A printing system for versatile, innovative, functional and attractive packaging.


Digital printing allows one-to-one personalisation for any design. This technology allows digital printing to use packaging as a marketing and communication tool to achieve a better personalisation and versatility, with the aim of targeting customers with more direct messages in one-off campaigns or on specific occasions.

The system is ideal for short and very short runs from 1,000 m2 upwards, and is perfect for one-off seasonal campaigns, promotions and market tests.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing does not require plates and has no added costs, with the designs being reproduced directly from the computer using 7 inks. The quality is very high, similar to systems such as rotogravure.

With the digital printing process, production times are shorter and we can achieve maximum personalisation thanks to the new HP Mosaic technique, revolutionary software for hyper-personalisation that offers unlimited variations for your designs. The result is more than 10,000 different variations to make your product stand out.

Which markets use the digital technique?

Digital printing in the food market:

Meat products

Digital printing is perfect for meat-based snack products, ensuring the design makes them stand out, while the packaging maintains all the properties required for their preservation. Read more.

Sauces and liquids

There is an increasing demand in this market for practical, sustainable packaging with a high level of personalisation. The digital printing system is optimal for this type of packaging, as long as it does not require heat treatment. Read more.

Fish and shellfish

Product differentiation for fish and shellfish, especially in cold displays, is an essential factor to be taken into account in the packaging process. Not only do we need to maintain the properties that preserve this type of food, but also create visually striking packaging. Read more.

Cheese and yoghurt

The cheese sector is one of the main sectors to use packaging with digital printing. The brilliant colours, as well as the need for great creativity make these products the best option for small print runs or promotions. Read more.

Fruit and vegetables

Speed and flexibility has become a maxim for the packaging of fruit and vegetables. Manufacturers are seeking products that can be consumed on the go, and the high level of personalisation aimed at seducing consumers makes digital printing techniques a great option.  Read more.

Dry foods

The new super foods, such as quinoa, are a response to a growing number of consumers who want to watch what they eat and control of their consumption habits. In this context, the image on the packaging is a differentiating element. Ensure your products stand out with flexible digital printing techniques. Read more.

Coffee, tea, and cocoa

Coffee and tea packaging needs to provide a moisture and light barrier to ensure the product is maintained in perfect condition. Several different printing techniques can be used with this type of packaging, including digital printing. Read more.

Confectionary and bakery

In the confectionary and bakery section, it is important to grab the attention of both young people and adults. The digital printing system allows the production of a huge number of designs adapted to your target market to help you achieve this. Read more.

Nuts, pickles and condiments

Attracting the attention of a group as demanding as the millennials is possible thanks to our systems for printing packaging for nuts and pickles. Discover how SP Group can help you. Read more.

Ready meals

The packaging for ready meals has evolved at the same rate as the consumption habits of users. Formats such as stand-up pouches are today a common sight on the shelves. Stand out from the competition with digital printing. Read more.

Diet and nutrition supplements

The effort put into marketing and promoting diet and nutrition supplements ensures producers seek the best packaging solutions in terms of both properties and visibility. Read more.

Pet food

The need to ensure optimal preservation of pet food has led to the creation of barrier materials, including MAP. This is combined with the need for a high degree of personalisation. Read more.

Digital printing in the non-food market:

Chemical and biological products

Functionality and attractive designs are the requirements of this sector. SP Group offers a wide variety of packaging with attractive designs for any type of chemical or biological product thanks to the digital printing system. Read more. 

Personal care and hygiene

We provide a wide range of packaging solutions for personal care and hygiene products with the practicality and design needed to draw consumers in. Read more.

Other packaging

Find the flexibility your product’s packaging needs with the digital printing solutions for non-food packaging. Read more.