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The advantages of product customisation and personalisation

Nowadays, businesses are increasingly aware of the potential and the advantages of product customisation and personalisation. When companies get customisation […]

Reusable plastic packaging

Reusable plastic packaging is one of the top sustainable packaging options we work with, and which are aimed at  tackling the […]

New packaging for dried fruits and nuts, pickles and spices

Packaging for dried fruits and nuts, pickles and spices has evolved in recent years, and packets today are lighter, tougher and […]

Have you heard of the RETRAY project from Plastic Sense?

As part of our sustainability commitment, we would like to talk about the RETRAY project, an initiative from the Plastic […]

Innovation and the plastic food packaging of the future

The food packaging of the future will need to be innovative to respond to the many issues identified in recent years. The […]

Smart packaging: What’s it all about?

Smart packaging and bio-packaging are just two of the latest buzzwords in packaging technology. They refer to materials and ways of […]

Plastic medical supply packaging solutions

Medical supplies have garnered the attention of both the government and the public in recent months, especially around manufacturing, distribution and […]

Recyclable polyethylene: what’s on the market?

Recyclable plastics are garnering more and more traction within the packaging industry. The industry has invested significantly in R&D to […]

World-class moisture protection materials

Moisture and oxidation both accelerate food deterioration and the use of protective barriers in packaging is the only way to […]

Stand-up pouches: the perfect summer solution

Food consumption habits change with the arrival of summertime. People pack their meals and eat out more during the summer. […]


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