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Why is digital printing on plastic increasingly popular?

Use of digital printing is on the up and looks set to increase even further over the next few years. […]

100% recyclable and monomaterial packaging: Discover the Eco Range

According to recycling data in Spain, the amount of recyclable packaging that people sort and dispose of in selective waste […]

How can ecodesign principles be applied to packaging to reduce raw material costs?

Sustainability is currently a hot topic across all industries in Spain, particularly since the Contaminated Land Act was passed. Given […]

Five innovative packaging solutions for food, cosmetics and much more

The packaging industry has developed many different solutions to preserve and protect a huge range of products and, year after […]

The advantages of using flexible materials in product packaging

The packaging industry’s range of solutions and materials is endless. In addition to ensuring sustainability, which is a non-negotiable for […]

Plant-based food: keys to packaging success

Among the many trends in gastronomy, plant-based food is currently a leader. This type of food requires fewer natural resources […]

Mini formats: innovation comes to on-the-go packaging

Consumer habits have changed immensely over recent years and people are increasingly spending their leisure time outdoors. Couple with the […]

Sustainable packaging that stands out on supermarket shelves

There are many ways of making a product stand out on supermarket shelves. The first things that tend to spring […]

4 key trends in pet food packaging in 2022

According to Cooper Pet Care, there are around 145 million pet animals in the European Union in 2022 (including Norway […]

Key trends boosting the use of refillable packaging

What are the main packaging trends taking today’s market by storm? With the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) forming […]


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