Packaging for Dry Foods

Choose complex SPG materials that help prolong the shelf life of your product.

Dry foods

Packaging for dry foods such as pasta, rice and pulses must protect the product from moisture and preserve all their properties until they are consumed .

The SOL range includes specific structures made from materials which help to protect dry foods from moisture.

SP Group uses double complex materials made from PP or PP/PE which guarantee optimal preservation of the sensory characteristics of pulses.

Dry food packaging: main products


Provides a high barrier with the required characteristics but includes improvements for it to be used in vertical packaging machines. Low weld temperature.
Suitable for bagging rice given it has the correct degree of smoothness for vertical filling and minimises the chimney effect where folds converge.

Features of VSOL
  • Good aroma and oxygen barrierz
  • Watertight
  • High hot-tack strength
  • Rapid seal
  • Barrier against gases and vapour
  • Suitable for pasteurisation and hot-fill processes
  • Ver See complete data sheet

    PET PE

    Very versatile double complex material that can be used in almost all formats and by multiple sectors.

    Features of PET PE
  • Good aroma and water vapour barrier
  • Watertight
  • High hot-tack strength
  • Suitable for pasteurisation and hot-fill processes
  • See complete data sheet

    OPP PP

    Double flexible material with good mechanical properties.

    Features of OPP PP
  • Good aroma and water vapour barrier
  • Watertight
  • Suitable for hot-fill
  • See complete OPP PP data sheet

    PE ECO

    Complex polyethylene-based material. 100% recyclable monomaterial. Can replace non-recyclable structures.

    Features of PE ECO
  • Transparent
  • Can withstand pasteurisation processes microwaveable
  • Suitable for hot-fill
  • See complete data sheet

    Printing systems for dry food packaging

    For high production volumes we recommend rotogravure or flexography. For dry food packaging where the visual image is particularly important, we recommend digital printing.

    Dry foods

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