Packaging for Medical Supplies

When it comes to the manufacture of such sensitive products as medical device packaging and packaging for gauze and sterilisable products, you can rely on SPG’s expertise.

Medical Supplies

For the production of something as delicate as the packaging for the healthcare sector, we have a wide range of products.

Aware of the needs of this sector, our structures have legal food contact, valid for certain applications in the health sector.

Plastic packaging for the healthcare sector

Among our variety of structures, you will find from co-extrusions with peelable polyethylene for the manufacture of sterilisable gauze packs, with structures with polypropylene for vacuum bags, among others.

All guaranteeing qualities such as high strength, good barrier and ability to undergo sterilisation processes, which are fundamental technical qualities for packaging in this market.

Pharmaceutical packaging

In the pharmaceutical field, where product safety and integrity are essential, we offer a specialised range of plastic packaging. Importantly the pharmaceutical packaging we produce are specifically designed as secondary packaging, i.e. those which are not in direct contact with the pharmaceutical product, but which coat and protect the primary packaging.

Plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical industry

Our packaging is subject to rigorous quality standards. and comply with all regulations necessary to ensure the safety of patients and the integrity of pharmaceutical products.

Within our line of pharmaceutical packaging, we offer a variety of options including high barrier packaging, sterilisable packaging and flexible packaging designed to suit various applications within the pharmaceutical industry. These packages are essential to maintain the stability of pharmaceutical products throughout their shelf life and ensure that they reach patients and healthcare professionals in perfect condition.

Packaging for medical devices: product highlights


Coextruded film for vacuum packaging. Allows lid, lid and bottom or bottom only format in thermoforming machines.

Key features of the CPR packaging:
  • Good barrier to gases and water vapour
  • Good puncture resistance.
  • Sterilisable
  • See complete technical data sheet

    PA PP:

    It is a double flexible material particularly suitable for thermoforming due to its good mechanical properties.

    PA PP packaging outstanding features:
  • Excellent water vapour barrier
  • High breaking strength
  • Heat-treatable
  • See complete technical data sheet


    Triple foil material with PE-welded aluminium. Various formats are possible, including stand-up pouches and pouches. Can be supplied as a pre-formed bag to which personalisation can be added.

    Outstanding features of the PET ALU PE container:
  • Pasteurisation heat treatment allowed
  • Rigidity and opacity
  • Good thermal resistance
  • See complete technical data sheet

    Medical Supplies

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