Printed plastic packaging

Printing systems for packaging

At SP Group, we are very aware that the aesthetics of packaging plays a decisive role in the choices consumers make as they shop. The right choice of packaging can make all the difference when it comes to products being a success or a failure.

Consumers are increasingly looking for packaging that has distinguishing features and tells them something about the type of product they are purchasing. The packaging should reflect the qualities and characteristics of the product without the consumer having to think too much about what is on the inside.

Types of printed packaging

At SP Group, we use three different types of printing techniques on flexible packaging:


Rotogravure printing

This technique employs high-intensity inks that can be applied to all types of materials. Rotogravure printing is all-terrain and can deliver great solutions for even the most complex of proposals.

impresión digital de envases

Digital printing

From the computer to the packaging, direct. Digital printing is a perfect technique for carrying out product tests and for smaller print runs but with a finished product quality that is comparable to offset and rotogravure printing techniques.

impresión flexografía

Flexography printing

If you need medium to large print runs, this is the printing system for you. Flexography delivers high-quality glossy finishes on packaging.

Customised design and printing

Packaging is more than just a cover for a product. It is an opportunity to go a step further and inform end users about the product they are purchasing. We can use our creativity to share our brand ethos, values and outlook and engage with the client.

Design is a key part of this process. Packaging is about communicating with consumers and printing systems are an essential way of achieving this.

All our systems for printing onto plastic offer a range of finishes. Irrespective of your preferred material and its characteristics, we can adapt the volume and design print runs to suit your needs and project your ideas and brand onto your packaging.

At SP Group, our Pre-printing Department is at your disposal to provide support as you select the printing system that best suits your packaging.