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The importance of plastic packaging today: 5 things you need to know

Plastic has become one of the most important materials in modern life due to its versatility and wide-scale uses. Unfortunately […]

New meat packaging trends: towards greater sustainability?

Every year new trends emerge in the food industry, which is constantly trying to reinvent itself. None of these has […]

Retail in the post COVID-19 era: changes in consumption patterns

Consumer behaviour and new shopping options are part and parcel of our post COVID-19 world and this includes the increasing availability […]

Circular economy initiatives: an example to follow

Our consumption model has traditionally followed a linear ‘make, use and waste’ pattern. We have only recently become aware of […]

The circular economy and more: key sustainability concepts II

Understanding the circular economy, the sustainable development goals and other terms linked to sustainability is key to grasping the challenges […]

How to adapt packaging to changes in consumption habits

Consumption habits have changed enormously in recent years, with busier lifestyles meaning people are choosing pre-prepared foods and ready meals […]

The Real Food movement and sustainability: adapting your packaging to the demands of realfooders

The world of food and nutrition is certainly not lacking in trends and tendencies, but the Real Food movement has […]

5 key concepts for understanding sustainability: recycling, ecodesign and more

Sustainability is a hugely important social issue today. In spite of this, not everyone knows what sustainability is or fully […]

Sustainable plastic packaging: committing to CSR

Packaging has moved on from being viewed as nothing more than the material surrounding a product to something that businesses […]

Innovation and sustainability: the future of packaging

Crucial changes are taking place in the packaging industry. The demand for packaged goods has risen and consumers are increasingly […]


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