Intense, glossy shades for medium and long runs.

HD Flexography

Flexography is the perfect printing technique for designs that require bright, strong colours in medium and long runs from 15,000 m2 upwards at high print speed.

We are able to achieve high print quality thanks to our systems which use the latest technology on the market to ensure the highest quality flexographic work.

How does flexography work?

The flexography printing process uses a relief printing plate to create the print areas. It is a rotational technique that transfers the image directly to the material, and its high flexibility and adaptability means any flexible material can be used, including plastics, films, paper bags and cardboard.

Although HD flexography produces high-quality printing, this technique presents certain difficulties when it comes to defining details. Text in the negative should be avoided when using the CMYK colour model. Very fine text should also be avoided in multiple screenings.

Which markets use the flexography technique?

Flexographic printing in the food market:

Cold cuts and cured sausages

Packaged meat products need to comply with strict preservation standards. Flexography ensures that the packaging is also attractive and striking. Other printing systems, such as rotogravure, offset and digital printing, can also be used. Read more.

Sauces and liquids

As advances are being made in the products in this sector, the market is demanding evermore practical, sustainable packaging with a high level of personalisation. As well as flexography, these products can be printed using rotogravure, digital and offset printing systems, as long as the packaging does not require heat treatment. Read more.

Fish and shellfish

Standing out in cold displays is essential in this market which also needs technically advanced packaging that ensures, among other things, that any fog is eliminated and the product is visible. The printing systems used in this market differ according to the length of the run and the features required. Read more.

Cheese and yoghurt

A market in constant evolution that has many packaging solutions available to guarantee preservation and a protective atmosphere. Prepared dairy products can now also be printed with offset and digital techniques. Read more.

Fruit and vegetables

Maintaining the freshness of the products and ensuring they keep their flavour and smell is essential for this market, which has undergone many changes in recent years and is now geared towards differentiated and personalised products.  Stand out on the shelves with any of the four printing techniques SP Group has to offer. Read more.

Dry foods

Products such as pasta, rice and pulses need packaging that protects them from moisture to ensure all their properties are maintained. Flexography is the ideal printing system if you need medium to high production runs. Read more.

Coffee, tea, and cocoa

Packaging that requires a moisture and light barrier to preserve its properties and aromas intact. Read more.

Confectionary and bakery

Pastry, cakes, baked goods, biscuits and cereals form part of this broad market in which packaging needs to combine food safety features with functionality and creativity. Read more.

Nuts, pickles and condiments

Products that need attractive packaging combined with protection that guarantees long-life and optimum conditions. Read more.

Ready meals

Packaging systems are closely linked to the new consumer trends created by the evolution of consumer habits. Attractive, microwaveable, on-the-go packaging that adapts to the needs of your clients. Flexography permits custom designs and is compatible with heat treatment. Read more.

Diet and nutrition supplements

The growth of this market means that the visual aspect is the key. Available with all four printing techniques. Read more.

Pet food

The pet food product line has solutions that guarantee the properties that these foods require. The packaging for these products also permits excellent print quality using any of the systems available with our service. Read more.

Flexographic printing in the non-food market:

Chemical and biological products

The flexible multi-layer complexes can be adapted to several different formats and given many different perforations, with high-quality printing in offset, flexography, digital or rotogravure. Read more. 

Personal care and hygiene

Functional and eco-sustainable packaging that is adapted to new distribution channels, and that offers a wide variety of possibilities with a personal design adapted to your needs. Read more.

Other packaging

Packaged products for electronics or construction. If your product needs packaging, we are sure to have a solution. Read more.

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At SP Group we optimise our production processes to provide the most efficient service to large industry. Many multinational companies already trust our ability to meet their flexible packaging needs on a daily basis.
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