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Commercial food sterilization: why is good packaging essential?

For years, the packaging industry has worked hard to enhance preservation processes so that we can improve food quality and […]

Decalogue to choose packaging for liquids

Do you know what you need to consider when choosing plastic packaging for liquids to ensure optimal storage and shipping? […]

New meat packaging trends: towards greater sustainability?

Every year new trends emerge in the food industry, which is constantly trying to reinvent itself. None of these has […]

What constitutes good pet food packaging?

The way pet food is packaged can make a huge difference in the eyes of the consumer. What are the requirements […]

The rise of eco-packaging

There’s no question that sustainability is one of the hottest topics of recent years. The general public is increasingly aware […]

Three sustainable materials used in plastic packaging

The packaging industry is escalating use of sustainable packaging materials because consumers are beginning to take the recyclability and/or sustainability […]

The texture of plastic: a novel way of pleasing consumers

The packaging currently on the market come in all shapes and sizes and, for many companies, plastic is a key material […]

Unit dose packaging: advantages and disadvantages

Unit dose packaging is everywhere, including restaurants (sugar, preserves and condiments), supermarkets, pharmacies and cosmetics shops. These packets provide a […]

Zipper PP: more flexible, more convenient and longer lasting

Zipper bags have long been a feature of our day-to-day lives. In recent years they have really come into their own […]

The advantages of food sterilisation

Over the last few decades, our eating habits have improved considerably and all the changes we have experienced have championed […]


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