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Flexible packaging: types, uses and sustainable materials

Flexible packaging has become the go-to option for product preservation and safety, especially for food. SPG’s flexible packaging solutions allow […]

The top 3 packaging challenges in 2023: inflation, digitalisation and sustainability

The data analytics and consulting company GlobalData recently published a report entitled Top Trends in Packaging 2023, which discusses developments […]

5 musts for good pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging must comply with strict regulatory standards in many respects, including safety, legal compliance and durability. This article looks […]

The rise of eco-friendly cosmetics packaging: ensuring sustainability in the beauty industry

In today’s world, sustainability is a driving force in the cosmetics industry, especially when it comes to packaging. Both consumers […]

Digital packaging printing: Test-marketing your products just got a whole lot easier

Despite new communication channels, packaging still plays a crucial role in attracting a customer’s attention at the point of sale. […]

Commercial food sterilization: why is good packaging essential?

For years, the packaging industry has worked hard to enhance preservation processes so that we can improve food quality and […]

Decalogue to choose packaging for liquids

Do you know what you need to consider when choosing plastic packaging for liquids to ensure optimal storage and shipping? […]

New meat packaging trends: towards greater sustainability?

Every year new trends emerge in the food industry, which is constantly trying to reinvent itself. None of these has […]

To what extent does packaging shape a company’s brand strategy?

Packaging is the first point of contact between consumers and brands and it establishes a relationship that can be forged […]

Liquid detergent containers: factors to consider

Liquid detergent containers are usually made from plastic for several reasons: it is strong, convenient, and light. That said, not all […]


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