Packaging for Coffee, Tea and Cocoa

Packaging where barriers to aroma, moisture and light are essential.

Coffee, Tea and Cocoa

One of the main challenges in the manufacture of packaging for coffee, tea and cocoa is ensuring that the structure of the packaging keeps the product perfectly preserved, protecting it from external agents such as moisture, oxidation and loss of aroma, all of which can spoil the product.

At SP Group we have triple complexes with aluminium or paper on the outside which fully comply with aroma preservation requirements.

For cocoa specifically, there are many options depending on the format. For powdered cocoa, we have polypropylene and polyethylene structures.

For coffee capsules, SP GROUP’s stand-up pouches are an excellent and striking packaging that is very easy to manage in distribution and storage. It is also handy for consumers, since the incorporation of a Velcro PRESS-LOK closure or zipper means the bag can be repurposed.

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Triple-layer material that welds to PE. Printed colours have high gloss irrespective of the printing method used. The aluminium in the structure provides heat resistance and flexibility.

Main features of PET ALU PE
  • Good light, aroma and water vapour barrier
  • Rigid and opaque
  • Suitable for pasteurisation processes
  • Good heat resistance
  • See complete data sheet

    MET PE

    Multilayer flexible material providing very high protection against aromas, gases and water vapour. Also available with an interior protective atmosphere to lengthen the shelf-life of the packaged food. It has several applications in the food market including as top filmfor packaging or pouches for coffee and cocoa powder.

    Features of MET PE
  • High barrier against light, aromas and water vapour
  • Rapid seal
  • Heat-shock resistant and stable
  • See complete data sheet

    OPP PE

    This is a double flexible material with good mechanical properties. It is also possible to add an option to this structure that allows powdered cocoa to be packaged. Its composition of oriented polypropylene brings gloss and transparency to the printed product.

    Features of OPP PE
  • Watertight
  • Rapid seal
  • High hot-tack
  • Suitable for hot-fill
  • See complete data sheet

    Coffee, Tea and Cocoa

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