Packaging for Pet Food

Functional packaging that preserves aroma and guarantees the perfect condition of your pets’ food. At SP GROUP we have what you are looking for.

Pet Food

Our line of pet food packaging includes materials with barrier properties for MAP use and better overall preservation.

This packaging can be made in bag format using spools, or preformed such as stand-up pouches with side gussets and three welds. Suitable for vacuum packs and trays with top film.

Our flexibility when it comes to adapting formats, coupled with the quality of our high-barrier, multi-layer structures, ensures that your pet food packaging preserves the aroma of the food, as well as protecting it from oxygen, moisture and light.

The possibility of customising this packaging with highly resistant handles and closures facilitates transport and handling by customers.

Packaging for pet food: main products


Thermoformable material with polyethylene. It is highly transparent to showcase the product inside. Available in a variety of colours and even with a glitter effect.

Features of APET PE
  • Highly transparent
  • Welds to PE
  • Peelable option available
  • See complete data sheet

    PET PE

    Very versatile complex material that can be used in almost all formats. There are many customisable options lending a higher aesthetic to the product.

    Features of PET PE
  • Resistant
  • Good barrier against gases, water vapour and aromas
  • Watertight
  • See complete data sheet


    Part of the SOL range. This film is designed for use with vertical packing machines. Used in complexes with polyester or other materials. Provides a high barrier.

    Features of VSOL
  • High hot-tack strength
  • Low weld temperature
  • Barrier against aromas and oxygen
  • Watertight
  • Suitable for pasteurisation and hot-fill processes
  • See complete data sheet

    PE ECO

    This is a polyethylene-based complex. 100% recyclable monomaterial. Can replace non-recyclable structures.

    Features of PE ECO
  • Transparent
  • Can withstand pasteurisation processes
  • Microwaveable
  • Suitable for hot-fill
    See complete data sheet

    Printing systems for pet food packaging

    The high quality of our printing (whether rotogravure, flexography or digital) facilitates a range of designs for customising your pet food packaging.

    SP Group also offers side-gusset pouches and bags enabling printing on both side panels with the option of adding additional information here.

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