Packaging for Nuts, Pickles and Condiments

Find the most attractive and cost-efficient materials for packaging sweet or salted dried fruits and nuts, spices or pickles.

Nuts, Pickles and Condiments

A large number of national and international companies have entrusted us with the manufacture of their packaging for nuts, snacks and pickles. The packaging for these products must stand out on the shelf and be flexible, easy to handle and resistant, in accordance with the usage needs in this sector.

We produce attractive spool-based packaging and pre-formed bags, with or without a window, which grab the attention of millennials. Double and triple complexes provide barriers and are particularly suitable for preservation in protective atmospheres or for greater lengths of time – both fundamental for these products.

We recommend our stand-up pouches for snack packaging, as both their shape and closures can be easily customised. The stand-up format allows them to be displayed more easily and ensures they are more visible on the shelf, as well as making storage in the home easier.

Packaging for nuts, snacks and pickles: main products


Double flexible material particularly suitable for packaging liquids, both as top film and pouch. High resistance to heat shock and suitable for low-temperature pasteurisation over a short time.

Features of PET HB PE
  • Good barrier against water vapour and liquids
  • Rapid seal
  • Resistant and stable
  • Suitable for hot-fill
  • See complete data sheet

    OPP PE

    This is a double flexible material made using biaxially-oriented polypropylene and which has good mechanical properties.

    Features of OPP PE
  • Good barrier against water vapour
  • Available in transparent, gloss or opaque finish
  • Can withstand pasteurisation processes up to 100°C
  • See complete data sheet

    MET PE

    Flexible, multilayer, resistant material with barrier. Mainly used to package all types of snacks.

    Features of MET PE
  • Flexible
  • Heat-shock resistant
  • Stable
  • Good gas and vapour barrier
  • Reflects infrared radiation, visible light and UV
  • Welds to PE
  • See complete data sheet


    This recyclable complex is made from polyethylene and has high barrier properties. It can substitute non-recyclable structures.

    Features of PE HB ECO
  • High barrier
  • Transparent
  • Suitable for pasteurisation processes
  • Microwaveable
  • Suitable for hot-fill
    See complete data sheet

    Printing systems for packaging for nuts, snacks and pickles

    The nuts, snacks and pickles market is versatile in terms of design and is compatible with any of the four printing systems used at SP Group: rotogravure, flexography and digital printing. All result in a high quality finish and attractive packaging.

    Storing pickles in plastic containers: Which properties make it possible?

    The reason behind storing pickles in plastic containers is that this material is non reactive and non corrosive, hence is preferred over metals that may react to the citric acid in this type of food.

    The main properties that makes plastic ideal for storing pickles or using it for condiments and nuts packaging:
  • Chemically unreactive nature: Plastic packaging does not react with air and water,resistant to corrosion and not affected by various chemicals. It is a great material for storing pickles, nuts and other condiments.
  • Can be moulded into different shapes and highly customizable. This is why from SP Group we insist on this material to be ideal for packaging.
  • It’s cheap and easily made. Combined with our printing techniques you can rapidly adapt your packaging to different trends and peaks in demand.
  • Light, strong and durable are other properties that might make you choose sustainable plastic as a packaging option.
  • Sustainable material: Unlike what many companies and consumers may think, ar SP Group we bet on sustainable recyclable packaging based on plastic. Our materials can be recycled up to 96%.

    Besides these properties, the high personalization that allows SP Group plastic packaging offers different possibilities. At the same time it is compatible with our printing systems for flexible packaging production to store pickles and other nuts and dried fruits.

  • Nuts, Pickles and Condiments

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