Packaging for Meat Products

Packaging solutions where the safety, attractiveness and preservation of meat products is paramount.

Packaging for meat: main products

Whether whole, filleted or in any other format, SP Group has packaging solutions for any meat product including specific films for top film, pouches, vacuum packs, and base webs or trays.

Our meat packaging is highly resistant, hermetically sealed, and provides a high barrier. These qualities are complemented by the transparency, gloss or colour of the packaging. All our solutions ensure that the packaged meat remains in optimal condition, while prolonging the quality and freshness of the product.

Our solutions for the fresh meat sector are based on exhaustive research into the development of meat packaging that combines quality with a visual aesthetic.

Packaging for meat: main products


Part of the SPG EFFICIENT range of more sustainable packaging. This packaging solution for meat products has a flexible laminate that welds to polyester trays and is resistant to pasteurisation. It is eco-efficient and can be manufactured to be extremely thin, resulting in cost savings

  • Aroma barrier, oxygen barrier and watertight
  • Seals to PET
  • Suitable for vacuum packing
  • Easy-open and peelable
  • Protective atmosphere, MAP
  • Top film format
  • Can withstand pasteurisation processes up to 95°C
  • See complete data sheet


    Part of the range of semi-rigid, co-extruded packaging. Used in vacuum packs owing to its oxygen barrier. Mainly used for base webs owing to its suitability for thermoforming.

    Features of RFA
  • Aroma barrier, oxygen barrier and watertight
  • Suitable for vacuum packing
  • Base web format
  • Suitable for deep draw thermoforming
  • Can withstand pasteurisation processes up to 95°C.
  • Sterilisation optional.
  • See complete data sheet


    One of the most outstanding products in the rigid thermoformable packaging range. This material meets the criteria of SP Group’s Tray2Tray project – an environmental sustainability project that recycles and reuses remnants from the PET packaging manufacture process.

    Features of APET RESILIENT
  • Barrier against light, aromas, oxygen, water vapour and liquids
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Base web format
  • Can withstand deep draw thermoforming
  • Highly resistant to possible impacts on high speed production lines.
  • Printing systems for processed meat packaging

    Our processed meat packaging can carry designs created using any of the four printing systems available at SP Group: rotogravure, flexography and digital printing.

    Packaging for meat: main products

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