Packaging for Fruit and Vegetables

The laminates SPG uses in its packaging for fruit and vegetables helps lengthen the freshness and shelf life of your products.

Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables

There have been many changes in this sector in recent yearsDemand is increasing for. ‘on-the-go’ products, and this is now one of the most popular formats.

The consumer is increasingly more demanding, and the aesthetic and technical qualities of packaging for. fruit and vegetables can completely change how a product is perceived.

A protective atmosphere is particularly important when it comes to fruit and vegetable packaging, as is the possibility of adding an anti-fog coating to prevent condensation on the surface of the film.

SP Group has solutions that can be adapted to your client’s needs, from specific formats such as base webs and top film for prepared salads, films for bags for packaging frozen fruit for smoothies, to double or triple complexes of OPP or PE that make our fruit and vegetable packaging the smartest choice for preserving your products and guaranteeing longer-lasting taste, aroma and appearance.

Fruit and vegetable packaging: main products


Double-layer flexible material with good mechanical properties. Its composition of biaxially oriented polypropylene brings gloss and transparency to the printed product.

Features of OPP PE
  • Good aroma and water vapour barrier
  • Watertight
  • High hot-tack and rapid seal
  • Suitable for hot-fill
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    High quality thermoformable material with high transparency enabling the product to stand out. Also used in several sectors beyond the food market.

    Features of APET
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Suitable for deep draw thermoforming
  • Medium-level barrier
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    OPP PP

    Double-layer flexible material with good mechanical properties. Optional anti-static. Available in transparent, gloss or opaque finishes.

    Features of OPP PP
  • Aroma and water vapour barrier
  • Watertight
  • Suitable for hot-fill
  • Microwaveable
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    Printing systems for fruit and vegetable packaging

    Your fruit and vegetable packaging will stand out on the shelf thanks to the range of possibilities afforded by our four printing systems. Our bags for packaging frozen fruit for smoothies – an increasingly popular product – can be printed in gloss or matte and customised.

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