Packaging for Sauces and Liquids

We have the best materials for packaging liquids, including sauces, soup and juices.

Sauces and Liquids

The sauces and liquids market comprises a huge variety of products each with different packaging needs, including soups, sauces, juices and oils. This sector is constantly changing and evolving in terms of its packaging. The main challenge is to rapidly adapt to new needs and usage habits of new consumers.

The latest trends in packaging for sauces and liquids point towards the substitution of some packaging materials such as paper, glass and metal. Both distributors and consumers require packaging which is more economic, easier to store and transport, more attractive and more sustainable.

packaging for sauces and liquids. One highly successful example is the Doypack. This highly practical stand-up pouch can be manufactured in different sizes and with different designs .

Flat pouch formats, or web bases with top film for single-servings, are ideal for oils as they are very easy for the consumer to use. We also have specific materials in this range which provide a barrier and withstand heat treatments. .

All SP Group solutions will help your products to stand out on the shelves and offer consumers a guaranteed level of service and quality. We offer flexible packaging designed to cover all uses.

Packaging for sauces and liquids: main products


Highly versatile multilayer film for packaging liquids and many other products. This material is specifically designed for the manufacture of stand-up pouches and for use with flow pack wrapping machines (HFFS) and vertical wrapping machines (VFFS).

Features of PE HB PE
  • Barrier and watertight
  • Flexible
  • Peelable with good degree of smoothness
  • Can withstand heat treatments such as hot-fill and pasteurisation processes up to 95°C
  • See complete data sheet


    Film and aluminium laminate with metallic finish. Provides a high barrier. Used in various formats for this sector, including stand-up pouches and single-serving sachets. Mainly used for packaging sauces and other products such as coffee. Compatible with any printing technique and can be produced in vibrant colours.

    Features of PET ALU PE
  • High barrier and watertight
  • Can withstand hot-fill and pasteurisation processes up to 95°C
  • Suitable for vacuum packing
  • See complete data sheet


    Rigid thermoformable material with polyethylene. Highly transparent enabling the product to stand out. Available in a variety of colours and even with a glitter effect.

    Main features of APET PE HB
  • Barrier and watertight
  • Can be manufactured in a wide range of colours
  • See complete data sheet


    Recyclable polyethylene-based material with high barrier properties. Can substitute non-recyclable structures.

    Features of PE HB ECO
  • High barrier
  • Transparent
  • Can withstand pasteurisation processes microwaveable
  • Suitable for hot-fill
  • See complete data sheet

    Printing systems for sauces and liquids packaging.

    Any of the the four printing solutions available at SP Group can be used, depending on the size of the print run: flexography, rotogravure and digital. Available in gloss or matte finish or a combination of both.

    Sauces and Liquids

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