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Vacuum packing food: How to maintain its quality?

Efficient preservation processes are, without a doubt, a key factor in the food industry and there are many ways of […]

The distinguishing features of digital and offset printing on plastic

The first things we need to take into account when choosing between different printing options for plastic packaging are the type of […]

Smart packaging: what is it and how is it revolutionising the market?

Over recent years, revolutionary new technology has taken the packaging industry to the next level. It’s time to talk about […]

The advantages and disadvantages of alternatives to plastic

When it comes selecting product packaging, we can choose from a wide range of alternatives to plastic. But can these […]

The history of plastic: how did we get here?

Plastic has evolved enormously over the years to become the material it is today. It is now essential for many […]

Glucose gels for cyclists: how to pack and store them correctly

Glucose gels are increasingly used by both professionals and amateur cyclists. In this article from SP Group we are going […]

Circular Plastics Alliance: Challenge 2025

The transition to a more environmentally sustainable industry model is gaining traction, as shown by commitments such as the Circular […]

Replacing an aluminium flexible structure with a recyclable structure

Packaging made with aluminium is retortable at high temperatures and perfect for creating a recyclable and flexible structure. But when […]

Active packaging: extending the shelf life of fruit and vegetables

Active packaging keeps food products in optimum condition for longer. This means it keeps them stable, safe and fresh with all […]

Advance material coatings for the automotive industry

SP Group produces advance material coatings and lining for the automotive sector which has recently undergone profound change to adapt to new market trends […]


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