Packaging for Confectionary and Bakery

Standing out on the shelf is not a problem with the SP GROUP materials and printing technology.

Confectionary and Bakery

Packaging for confectionery, baked goods and breakfast items must be secure, functional, preserve the product and prevent oxidation.

SP Group has a complete range of solutions for different types of sweet products (breads, cakes, pastries, biscuits and cereals). Our packaging helps your product stand out on the shelf and is available in a range of finishes. A selection of customisations and printing options are available to make sure your product is attractive to consumers.

For packaging sweet products, we recommend multilayer polypropylene films. These can be adapted to the client’s needs in terms of machinability, preservation and aesthetics. For products with suspended particles, such as sugar or flour, we have specific materials with a more efficient seal.

Packaging for sweet items: main products


A double-layer flexible material with good mechanical properties and available in an antistatic version.

Features of OPP PP
  • Good aroma and water vapour barrier
  • Watertight
  • Suitable for vacuum processing
  • Suitable for hot-fill microwaveable
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    MET PE

  • Flexible multilayer material mainly used for packaging various types of snacks.
  • Features of MET PE
  • Good barrier against light, aromas and water vapour
  • Watertight
  • High hot-tack and rapid seal
  • Good barrier against gases and vapour
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    Thermoformable material with polyethylene and metallic effect inside and out.

    Features of APET PE METALLIC
  • Good barrier against gases
  • Peelable version available
  • Suitable for deep draw thermoforming
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    Printing systems for packaging sweet items

    Any of four printin the solutions available at SP Group can be used: flexography, rotogravure and digital.

    Confectionary and Bakery

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