What’s new in meat-packaging solutions?

July 16, 2021

Meat and fish play a key role in fuelling our growth and development, providing essential proteins and nutrients. These foods need to specially be packaged to ensure optimal preservation. We need to offer curated packaging solutions that preserve product shelf life and meet industry needs. The meat industry benefits from the cutting-edge research and development the plastic sector undertakes to provide smarter, more innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.


  • It is important to bear in mind that different types of meat and the level of processing will also be key in determining what is the best packaging solution. Fresh meat, cold meats, prepared dishes and frozen meat all need different packaging solutions. Each product has specific properties that need specific solutions.
  • Meat products are perishable, as they are fatty foods that are extremely sensitive to oxidation. It is therefore important to look for watertight, high oxygen and aroma barrier solutions to ensure foods are effectively preserved.
  • Meat packaging must also be watertight. Apart from the obvious benefits of preventing deterioration and preserving flavour, this property is equally important for customer experience. If customers find themselves with damp or leaking packaging solutions, they will be far from satisfied which could negatively impact your brand’s clout.
  • You only trust what you can see. Consumers want to see what they are buying before making a purchase, especially when it comes to perishable products such as meat, vegetables and fish. At SP Group, we develop transparent plastic packaging solutions for the meat industry that deliver on both quality and design. 
  • Meat industry packaging legislation stipulates that labels must be accurate and visible. Therefore, we need to factor in labelling requirements when designing packaging solutions, so we choose the most suitable printing solutions based on the type of material, the degree of transparency, and the number of units to be printed. At SP Group, we offer three printing solutions: rotogravure, HD flexography and digital, for smaller runs.


At SP Group, we assess each industry product and tailor our technical solutions and design to our clients’ needs. We have developed the following three unique products for the meat industry: SOL EFFICIENT, from the sustainable product line SPG EFFICIENT; RFA, a semi-rigid, coextruded packaging solution; and APET RESILIENT.

  • SOL EFFICIENT is a plastic packaging solution especially designed for meat and cold cuts. It is made from a high-barrier, flexible film that welds directly to a polyester tray. It is also a very thin, eco-efficient packaging solution that is resistant to thermal and pasteurisation processes and delivers advantageous savings. This easy-to-open, peelable solution is great for vacuum-packed products thanks to its high-barrier properties.
  • RFA is a flexible packaging solution, boasting high-oxygen barriers, air and watertight features, and is highly customisable thanks to its thermoforming properties. RFA is part of our semi-rigid, coextruded product line, especially designed for vacuum-packaging meat products.
  • APET RESILIENT is one of powerhouse rigid, thermoformable packaging solutions. This robust, watertight packaging solution, equipped with light, aroma, oxygen and water vapour barriers, is an enviable green choice. It can be readily used in our Tray2Tray program, an environmental-friendly program we launched which reuses and recycles leftover PET manufacturing material. It can also withstand high-speed, manufacturing processes.

Discover our curated meat packaging solutions by visiting our website or contacting us. Our team of experts will gladly answer any questions you may have and provide tailored assessment.

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