World-class moisture protection materials

June 21, 2021

Moisture and oxidation both accelerate food deterioration and the use of protective barriers in packaging is the only way to keep foods fresh. This isn’t a human or industrial construct but rather Mother Nature’s. The skin and shells of fruits, vegetables and eggs act as natural barriers against moisture and air. 


Inspired by nature, the plastic packaging sector has quickly evolved and developed high-barrier films that protect against oxygen, aromas and moisture. This technology is not just useful for storage purposes, but also pasteurisation, vacuum-packing and retort processes, as well as for packaging solutions for pre-prepared food products.

At SP Group, we work towards one goal: offering the broadest range of plastic packaging solutions and materials to meet any need. And we do so thanks to the following three materials that offer excellent moisture protection for optimal preservation:

  • PET PP, a flexible material mainly used with microwaveable and frozen products;
  • RPS, a semi-rigid material for vacuum-packing; and
  • PET ALU PE, with aluminium.

Each of these materials was designed to fulfil different needs and uses. If you understand the specific properties of each packaging solution, you’ll be able to choose what works best for you and your consumers. 

There are several factors that need to be considered when choosing a packaging solution. These include preservation, storage, consumer preferences, product design characteristics and, of course, when and how it will be used and consumed. For example, snacks and other on-the-go products need to be packaged in easy-to-open and resealable materials.


PET PP is a flexible, double-complex material which is mainly used for frozen and microwaveable products. It offers a high barrier against moisture and excellent permeability against water vapour. It can also withstand thermal treatments, such as microwaving, pasteurisation, retort processes and hot fill.

This opaque material works really well with digital printing. There is no better way to showcase your brand identity then with this solution that allows you to customise a packaging solution.


Vacuum-packing solutions offer both strength and resistance to reduce food waste, increase conservation and extend a product’s shelf life. This is all possible thanks to our team of professionals that are continuously developing new packaging solutions and looking to improve the quality of our products. 

RPS is a peelable, coextruded film that was designed for vacuum-packing and to withstand retort processes and pasteurisation treatments. It is mostly used to package pulses and prepared foods thanks to the moisture protection properties it offers. 

This highly transparent and glossy material offers an oxygen, aroma and moisture barrier. With RPS, you can showcase your product thanks to the high transparency it offers. 


Our flexible packaging with aluminium is the go-to solution when safety and preservation are top priorities. PET ALU PP is a multilayer complex that offers high barrier protection against oxygen, aromas, light and moisture. It is most often used to package oil, sauces, coffee and spices in pouches. This material can also withstand thermal treatments, such as pasteurisation and hot fill. 

It is available in different formats, including three-weld and stand-up pouches. It is welded to PE to offer a rigid, opaque and flexible packaging solution which can be used with any type of printing technique, offering an endless array graphic and product design options. 

Visit our website or contact us to learn more about our moisture protection solutions. Our experts will gladly guide you on the best solution for your needs.

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