Elevating the packaging user experience

April 20, 2021

Offering a positive consumer experience is one of the objectives of good packaging. However, companies don’t always get it right, and they need to incorporate certain practices to achieve a positive packaging user experience. Read on to discover how you can improve user experience for your product.


Containers don’t only deliver on conservation, safety and functionality, they also offer a positive user experience. But how do you create this great packaging experience? Read on to discover some key features:

  • Sensory experience: a user’s initial contact with a product is purely sensorial. Therefore, sight, touch and other senses will determine if a user’s experience is positive or negative. There are countless ways to grab a consumer’s attention. One such example is customised packaging which helps to drive sales by offering potential consumers a one-of-a-kind, curated experience.
  • Consumer experience: if the sensory experience is positive, then the next phase is consumption. Consumers are on the lookout for solutions that make their lives easier, so microwaveable and on-the-go food packaging solutions are highly sought after. However, these solutions must also comply with safety, traceability and sustainability criteria.
  • Brand experience: to achieve a positive user experience, you also need to consider what brand value or clout consumers associate with brands. If consumers view a brand positively, their experience will influence others in their purchasing choices. How? By giving rave product reviews to friends and family or publishing these reviews on social networks.


Positive packaging user experiences also stem from offering the right type of container. Here is a list of some key points when deciding on the type of container –  and don’t forget to think about who will be purchasing them:

  • Colours and design: choosing the right typography, colours and messaging must be top of mind. If your target consumer is young, use lively colours and bold designs. However, if your target consumer is older, you’ll need to use larger fonts, more-sophisticated colours and clean designs. For this purpose, our digital printing solution is perfect for a few market tests.
  • Container shape: according to new food packaging solutions trends, Generation Z has very high expectations when it is comes to novel aesthetics, product conservation, ease of transportation, storage and reuse. Generation Y, or Millennials, want containers that have a low environmental footprint, such as our SOL product line, the most environmentally friendly flexible film we offer. They also value the technical characteristics of packaging solutions (e.g. resealable) and are attracted to customised packaging solutions. Lastly, older generations want easy-to-open packaging solutions that are also ergonomic and available in smaller sizes.  

Cost, user instructions and product quality also play a role in creating an optimal packaging experience.


If your objective is to improve the packaging user experience and highlight brand value, you need to consider another set of characteristics, such as your target public’s preferences so that you can attract and retain them by offering unique experiences that will foster lasting and positive relationships.

This is all possible by implementing the packaging best practices we discuss in this article. It should also be complemented with client feedback and market research studies – the best way to adapt to market realities and make the necessary adjustments.

Lastly, we cannot forget that the purpose of packaging is not only to protect, hold, preserve and transport, it also needs to fulfil consumer needs, both physical and psychological. For this reason, it is important to deliver against use-based expectations. If the user, after purchasing the product, finds that the product breaks or it isn’t easy to open, this less-than-great experience will adversely impact the consumer’s product expectations.

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