One of the objectives of packaging design is to create a good buying experience. Companies need to consider the aspects that have the greatest impact on consumers, in order to ensure their packaging creates a good impression.

What is the key to delivering a good buying experience?

    • Consumers’ first contact with a product is through sight, touch or other senses, and it is at this moment that it creates a positive or negative experience. There are endless possibilities for attracting attention, including personalised packaging, which will boost your sales and offer something different and exclusive to potential buyers. SP boasts materials such as  BIO FVSOL MATT N, SP EMBOSS, PAPER TOUCH PLUS, NATURTRAY, NATURFILM and SHAPED POUCHES that will have a positive impact on the shelves.
    • If the initial sensory phase is satisfactory, then buyers will move to the next stage  – consumption.  Consumers are always on the lookout to find ways to make their lives easier, which is why, with regard to food, for example, they value microwaveable packaging and on-the-go products that also comply with food-safety, traceability and sustainability standards. SP Group has a wide range of options for personalising your product that will definitely earn it some plus points, including closures and caps, the resealable top films R-CLOSING EFFICIENT, R-CLOSING PE HB and R-CLOSING PE, scent printing, the VSTEAM valve, easy-open pre-cut, handles, etc.
    • Lastly, in order to deliver a really good buyer experience, you need to take into account the value consumers attach to the brand. If they value it, then their experience will influence other people’s purchases. How? Well, the original buyer will spread the word. They will either talk about the product directly to the people around them, or broadcast it far and wide on social media. With the personalisation options afforded by digital printing, you can turn your product into a viral phenomenon.

It is very important to meet consumer expectations. If they find a product breaks or is difficult to open, this will be considered a negative experience and they will feel let down, which will be the opposite of the desired effect.

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