SP Group is always interested in finding new ways of attracting your customers and ensuring they choose your product. This is why we are presenting PAPER TOUCH PLUS, a special varnish that gives packaging a paper feel. It can either be registered print of full cover, making it striking to both the touch and the eye.

Paper Touch Plus is good value, and a more sustainable way of getting a paper feel for plastic. Close to the real thing, this paper feel is bound to grab the customer’s attention. The great advantage is that this texture achieves the desired visual effect while using plastic film, thereby reducing your carbon footprint.  It can be applied to our plastics, either on reels or pre-formed bags or pouches.

Some of our clients have already used Paper Touch Plus lacquer on their packaging.  One example is Campofrío, which has already applied it to its product ‘Libre’, a more natural sliced turkey breast product. The packet is designed with a print that imitates Kraft Paper and, when coupled with the Paper Touch Plus lacquer, looks and feels like paper. It is a good alternative for products like sliced meats that cannot use paper in their packaging.

El Gallo Rojo is another of our pioneering clients to use this lacquer. Its bags, with a printed black background and Paper Touch Plus lacquer, have the look of a blackboard. A different and striking design!


At SP Group we optimise our production processes to provide the most efficient service to large industry. Many multinational companies already trust our ability to meet their flexible packaging needs on a daily basis.
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