AVANZA-S. Experimental research and development project for new, healthier food products and advanced packaging.

Consortium of companies: UVESA, ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN, BTSA Biotecnologías Aplicadas,MONTELOEDER, NUREL, BANDESUR ALCALÁ and SP GROUP. IDI-20150604.

The AVANZA-S project, with a duration of four years, aims to respond to the current challenges faced by the food sector that are of particular relevance in Spain and Europe: moving towards healthier diets, reducing food loss and waste, and increasing efficiency in the use of resources and the sustainability of the sector.

To do so, the project integrates three complementary sectors that are particularly relevant to the Spanish economy: the meat sector, the functional ingredients sector and the food-packaging sector. In the first milestone we have worked on new, healthier fresh and processed meat products, new products with a high nutritional and/or functional value, new advanced active and/or biodegradable packaging and combinations of new foods, ingredients and advanced packaging.

The AVANZA-S project is subsidised by Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI – Industrial Technology Development Centre) through the CIEN Strategic Programme of National Business Research Consortia.


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