Sustainable packaging and corporate environmental sustainability practices: still a way to go

April 15, 2021

More and more companies in the food industry are turning to sustainable packaging. Faced with rising legislative pressure from governments and societal pressure from NGOs and consumers, companies are embracing innovative, environment friendly solutions to lead the industry in the right direction. One such example is BIRBA Biscuits who was presented with an award for developing a sustainable packaging solution.  They modified the packaging of the BIRBA Biscuit Assortment container by reducing the cardboard grammage and eliminating the PVC plastic shrink wrap.  This resulted in the container being 23.5% lighter, and thus reducing its carbon footprint by 15%. BIRBA was presented with the R Ecoembes Award in the Best Business Initiative category for the eco-design of this packaging solution.

Another example of a cutting-edge packaging solution is the innovative, environment friendly Lanjarón bottle which has received accolades at the European level. Since 2016, Lanjarón bottles have been made from at least 15% recycled plastic and they now offer a 100% recyclable bottle. The 1.25 L. and 0.25 CL. bottles are made from 50% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable, facts which are advertised on the bottle.  This initiative is just one of the conservation projects Lanjarón has launched in collaboration with the Global Nature Foundation, Asociación Vertidos Cero, Asociación Paisaje Limpio, Ecoembes and Ecoalf Foundation.

There is no doubt that sustainable packaging solutions give companies an advantage over the competition and meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly concerned about the environment and who want packaging solutions that are functional, unique and environment friendly. While we all share a concern for the environment, at SP Group, we pay extra attention to sustainable packaging solutions in our role as packaging manufacturers.


One of our industry’s key objectives is to improve packaging characteristics while respecting the environment. At SP Group, we offer sustainable packaging solutions that comply with environmental requirements. This includes:


BIO FVSOL 60 is the most innovative film we offer. This product is the result of several years of research in the development of a bio-based, industrially compostable, biopolymer packaging material.

This is a totally, biodegradable, industrially compostable, bio-based material that complies with EU Standard EN 13432. It is PLA- and PVOH-based, which are both biodegradable.

In addition to being biodegradable, this material has many other fantastic properties, such as its high-barrier technology, which offers greater protection and preservation of food with minimum thickness. This material is also 100% suitable for contact with food products.

BIO FVSOL 60 is a biodegradable, high-gas-barrier material with a high degree of transparency. It is so transparent in fact that you can see the product with absolute clarity. This material can be used with VFFS and HFFS packaging machines, and standard 60-microns, 3-weld pouches. 

Please bear in mind that you need to use biodegradable inks for the entire packaging solution to be biodegradable. We recommend the following two printing techniques for this type of material: rotogravure and flexography.

We recommend BIO FVSOL 60 for low-humidity foods, such as dried fruits and nuts, snack mixes, meat snacks, spices, and dried foods.


We developed Tray2Tray so that all our clients could contribute to a Circular Economy. The purpose of this environmentally friendly project is to recycle and reuse multi-layer PET packaging used as barrier and non-barrier packaging for food products.  We were able to bring this project to life thanks to our collaboration with a certified waste management company.

The Tray2tray project can be broken down into the following three steps:

  • 1. SP Group installs an easy-to-use compacting machine in your facility to compact your waste (manufacturing residues and waste). This helps to considerably reduce the volume of waste.
  • 2. A free-of-charge transport service will pick up the packets of waste and deliver them to the waste management company.
  • 3. We close the circular economy loop by repurposing the waste into material that can be inserted in the manufacturing process.


The Tray2Tray project offers 4 key advantages:

  • 1. easy and efficient waste management;
  • 2. extended waste life through a Circular Economy by re-joining the manufacturing chain;
  • 3. adherence to the EU Standard on sustainability; and
  • 4. cost savings while fulfilling a social action.

Not only is this process efficient and simple, but it also gives participating TRAY2TRAY companies the chance to earn the waste re-use certification.

At SP Group, we are constantly working to offer innovative packaging solutions that are 100% biodegradable, a testament of our commitment to the environment. We work to deliver quality, efficiency, and aesthetics without compromising on sustainability.

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