Latest innovations in pet-food packaging

March 30, 2021

Animals and pets play an important role in our society. From the moment they enter our homes, our pets become part of the family, needing and deserving our full care and attention. At SP GROUP we work hard to ensure they get it, by creating innovative solutions for the pet-food sector.


As all pet owners know, food is a major factor in pet care. With this in mind, we have dedicated time, effort and resources to continue innovating in this area and create highly practical and functional packaging that meets the new demands of this sector. This includes options for the increasing variety of products such as snacks, bones and treats, which require different, specially adapted types of packaging.

Such innovation means pet-food packaging has evolved significantly in recent years. These advances have led to packaging that is easier to use and preserves food better, ensuring it stays fresh and keeps pets healthy.

envases animales

SP Group’s pet-food packaging fully meets the preservation, functionality and design requirements of this market.  The packaging can be in bag or pouch format, either prepared on spools or pre-formed, as is the case of our hugely popular three-weld stand-up pouches that are perfect for pet treats.


SP GROUP’s pet-food packaging options include the following materials:

APET PE: This material is for thermoforming with polyethylene. It is the perfect option if you want your product to be visible, as it is highly transparent. However, it is also available in many colours. As packaging for pet snacks and treats it is ideal because it comes with the option of peelability, making it much easier to use. Check out the technical details for this material here.

PET PE: This is a very versatile complex. It can be used in almost any packaging format, and be adapted to the customisation requirements of our clients. Its properties also make it ideal for packaging pet food, as it has barriers against water vapour and external aromas. Check out the technical details for this material here.

envases animales funcionalidad

VSOL: This is a film in a complex with polyester, or another material, which provides a high barrier and is particularly suitable for vertical hot-fill machines. Its features include good hot-tack performance and low welding temperature. Check out the technical details for this material here.


One recent success was our project with Vitaly, a company that has been providing food for cats and dogs for more than 25 years. The company is well known for its use of GM-free Mediterranean products with no added colourants or artificial preservatives.

SP GROUP created pouches with side gusseted pouch in a range of sizes, which ensure the prefect preservation of the products. These pet-food pouches have the peculiarity that the sides of the pouches can be printed, unlike other models. This is important in terms of design – a factor which is essential for catching the consumer’s eye.

The feature means information can be added to the side gusseted pouch that is not found on the rest of the packet. This is quite a novelty as, until recently, it was only possible to print on the front and back of pouches.

The options for customising pouches with side gusseted pouch are many and varied.  We continue with our commitment to innovation and research into quality products that adapt to our clients’ needs.

If you would like to know more about our pet-food packaging, visit our webpage or find us on social networks. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help.

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