Differentiation on the shelves is a recurring theme with today’s brands. The market demands packaging solutions that ensure products stand out and grab the attention of consumers. Advances in printing and packaging materials are also being made in leaps and bounds, converting packaging into a new and powerful marketing tool.

Flexible packaging is an excellent solution for satisfying this growing interest and making the packaging itself a great communicator; its versatility provides the desired differentiation and communication. At SP GROUP we are immersed in projects for new developments that not only provide better solutions as regards the properties of the materials, but also with regard to the visual and sensory aspects of the new options that guarantee our clients’ products stand out.

SP_EMBOSS is a new technique of embossing through thermoforming that is applied to the bag after it has been formed. This personalisation gives the packaging an attractive and elegant look, and can be combined with the design so the printing coincides with the embossed design.

Paper is ideal for SP_EMBOSS, which makes SP GROUP’s Naturfilm the best choice for this type of personalisation.

It can be applied to Doypack pouches, three-weld bags and bags with side pleats to give your packaging an attractive special touch.

If you would like to know more about how SP_EMBOSS can be applied to your packaging, please get in touch with our sales consultant.