The current trend in the FMCG sector is to create functional packaging that breaks from the norm, but is also sustainable. New printing trends, together with the latest generation of materials, ensure there are an increasing number of options to help packaging stand out from the crowd. One of the solutions we offer is the PAPER TOUCH finish for the top film of trays for pre-packed products. This gives packaging a hugely popular ‘rustic’ paper feel that is visually striking and pleasing to the touch.  And it is important to remember that packaging is the best tool for making a product stand out from its competitors.

As a case in point, LARSA, a dairy-product manufacturer, embraced this new product and designed their packaging with a special tactile finish using our PAPER TOUCH. Ana Rodríguez Grande, their Product Manager states: “We needed to make some changes to the packaging of one of our ranges to update the design and reflect our added value – the largest range of sliced cheese made from the milk of sheep grazed in the lush pastures of Galicia. We decided to use PAPER TOUCH print because we believe that on a sensory level it projects a more natural image. It stands out on the shelf, and is in keeping with the nature and authenticity of our brand.”

As regards sales after the launch, Ana Rodríguez explained: “The growth of the range is over 25% and it has continued to grow after the packaging change. The packaging itself has several advantages; it is easy to purchase and consume, as well as being easily preserved at home. The fact that it is reclosable helps protect the product and keep it fresh for longer.”

Talking about their experience with us, LARSA’s Product Manager expressed her satisfaction: “This was our first experience with SP GROUP, and from the start they advised us on the possibilities and advantages of each option, showing full awareness of the process, and ensuring we obtained a very satisfactory result that has helped us improve the image of our brand’s iconic range of products”.

SP GROUP is extremely happy with the success of this packaging and it is pleased to have met the expectations of the client. If you know what you want your packaging to look like, but don’t know how to go about it, get in touch, we are always happy to help.


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