Sustainability is the driving force behind our industry and we are fully focused on it. What initially began as a consumer preference has become essential part of the packaging development process. Companies are now required to find sustainable solutions that comply with new laws and tax regimes, while ensuring the quality, shelf life and properties of the products are unaffected.

At SP Group we have been helping our clients with sustainable transformation for years. We take into account key factors such as the toughness of the materials and customisation options, as well as the optimal preservation of the packaged foods. Our efforts in R&D have led us to create a wide range of solutions that tick all the boxes.

It is clear that the future of packaging lies with monomaterials. Advances in plastic compounds mean we can now use monomaterials in flexible plastics, for example our PE HB ECO and PP HB ECO. Both are great examples of packaging made from recyclable monomaterials. They are also very tough, with PP HB ECO in particular being suitable for heat treatment. This means the packaging possibilities are endless and they can be used in a wide variety of sectors.

Vacuum packs are another very popular packaging solution. As they are able to preserve the properties of food for longer, they extend a product’s shelf life and help reduce food waste. According to data published by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), 931 million tonnes of food waste was produced worldwide in 2021.

SP Group has gone one step further and developed a vacuum-packing solution that can be recycled in the PP stream and is retortable. Our complete top film and base web solution PP HB ECOTOP + RST B ECO is already being trialled by some of our clients. The PP HB ECOTOP top film can also be used with rigid polypropylene trays, providing a complete high-barrier, microwaveable lid and tray solution.

Some sectors are also experiencing a huge shift in consumer habits, such as the cosmetic, personal care and household product sectors. The introduction of the plastic tax, new consumer interests, and the demand for more-sustainable packaging containing less plastic are driving a revolution in the personal care sector, where products such as gels and shampoos have traditionally been sold in exclusively rigid formats. Nevertheless, it is not all about creating sustainable, recyclable solutions; flexible packaging has other advantages over rigid packaging: less plastic means fewer logistics costs and taxes.

In this respect, our PE ECO fits the bill. It is a recyclable, monomaterial packaging material that is perfect for refill applications, and has the added bonus of excellent transparency. Transparency is a highly sought-after characteristic in this sector where design is hugely important for consumers.

Whatever your company’s needs, SP GROUP has a wide variety of formats to meet your sustainability objectives. Get in touch and let us help you find the best solution for your product.


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