World Environment Day was held on the 5th June, and the news reflected the general social concern about pollution and environmental damage, especially with regard to how we use plastic. Faced with this problem, the European Union has begun to take measures, applying strict regulations and backing programmes that can help solve the problem.

SP GROUP is fully aware of the situation, which is why we are working hard to find solutions. Our latest and most innovative advance has been to achieve a reduction in our carbon footprint related to rigid laminate, thanks to the use of recycled material.

For 2018, we expect to reduce our CO2 emissions by 38 tonnes, which would be the equivalent of planting around 3.8 million trees to counteract these emissions.

How have we achieved this?

The key is in using recycled material, and part of this material comes from our TRAY2TRAY Circular economy project. The use of this recycled material contributes to reducing our carbon footprint, helping protect the environment and save on costs, all thanks to the circular economy.

Previously we used 100% virgin material to produce our rigid laminate, in other words, material that had not been recycled at all. Nevertheless, as we began to introduce the recycled material in our production process, and bearing in mind how it feeds back into our system, our studies have shown that the CO2 emissions have also been considerably reduced. Our prediction for 2018 is to use 65% recycled material, with the final objective being 100%.

Therefore, thanks to this new advance in the carbon footprint reduction, together with the TRAY2TRAY circular economy process, we are strengthening our commitment to environmental protection.

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