At SPG, we want the best for our clients and want you to achieve optimum returns. This is why we are letting companies that are active in the French market know about the benefits of the CITEO green dot bonus.

As you will already know, CITEO is a French non-profit organisation that develops waste and recycling eco-conception, collection and sorting services. It is committed to helping different financial players produce, distribute and consume while protecting the planet, its resources, biodiversity and the climate.

Within its concrete actions policy, it is currently applying a bonus for contributions made by clients in France for domestic use PET thermoformable packaging. The quantities are indicated below.

  • For inclusion of recycled post-consumption PET (rPET), the contribution based on weight for rigid PET is 0.3891 €/kg.
  • If the rPET comes from domestic, industrial or commercial recycling, the rate is 0.05 €/kg. There is also an additional discount for trays and jars.
  • If the rPET is from domestic recycling of trays and containers only, the rate is 0.35 €/kg for PET packaging.

So, how can you get your green dot bonus?

First and foremost, you have to be a CITEO client and submit a declaration in accordance with existing regulations. Once you have done this, there are two ways of accessing the bonus.

  1. For client companies that already have a RETRAY product certificate including an audit report specifying the percentage of rPET that comes from trays and bottles. This is a definitive option because the RETRAY certification scheme runs at European level through certification entities that are accredited according to ISO/IEC 17065 by an accreditation entity that is a member of EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation) or IAF (International Accreditation Forum) for audits and products with traceability certification for plastic content, as per standard EN 15343.
  • When client companies do not have this RETRAY product certification, they need to submit a sworn declaration and CITEO requests a number of different documents about rPET content.
    • A copy of the supplier’s EuCertPlast conformity certificate. In this case, the supplier is SPG.
    • For food packaging, the incorporated recycled resin needs to have been produced in compliance with the EFSA safety opinion.

The second case is a temporary option and CITEO requires third parties to send accreditation certificates such as RETRAY. At SPG we have RETRAY certification and make this available to all our clients.


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