For some years now we have been witnessing major global changes in the plastics sector, which have led to a significant increase in different formats to adapt to new market demands. This is the case of reclosable packaging, which keeps products fresh for longer and allows buyers to consume them at a later date, thereby reducing food waste. This kind of solution is often used with meat products that are eaten in portions, or for pouches with zip closures for dry pet food, nuts, coffee, etc.

So why add a closure system to your packaging?

Let’s look at a few reasons:

  • Increase in customer confidence and satisfaction. Users have begun to show real interest in reclosable packaging as it keeps products fresh for longer, providing a good price–quality relationship. It is also practical and easy to use, as the product does not need to be stored in another container.
  • Economic benefits for clients. The fact that the product lasts longer makes clients feel they have made optimal use of their purchase, which strengthens loyalty and promotes repeat purchases.
  • Reduction in food waste. It is a sad reality that the over-production of food today results in a huge amount of food being thrown away. We have to work hard to reduce food waste, and reclosable packaging is one of the ways we can do this.
  • Compliance with European rules on single-use plastics. Reclosable packaging is not considered single-use plastic, making it a viable alternative in line with the 2030 Plastics Strategy.
  • Better quality packaging and recycling options. Reclosable packaging with rigid thermoformed lids can be recycled, thanks to the water-based adhesive used in the lamination. This helps foster the circular economy for plastic

SP Group boasts several closure systems to suit different types of products.

  • Resealable lids in the R- CLOSING range of trays. The lids close smoothly and firmly onto the tray, keeping products fresh for longer. The packaging can be reclosed repeatedly in the same way.


  • Zipper closures. Zippers are a re-closure system for preformed pouches. They are generally recommended for pouches containing products that are not used in one go. They are becoming increasingly common on the shelves. The zipper can be made of PE or PP.


  • Spouts and caps. Closures for Doypack, or stand-up, pouches.


Side spout.


Central spouts. These are perfect for consuming a product directly from the pouch, like fruit compote for babies and toddlers.


  • Hook and loop fastening tape. This closure system is ideal for food contact. The high hook used is tough and can withstand repeated opening. It is also ideal for powdered products. Even if this type of closure becomes contaminated with product, it still maintains the same opening and closing properties, and the efficacy is unaffected.

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