After its Christmas campaign with personalised packaging designed to provide added value and greater visibility, Navidul is back with a surprise for Father’s Day in Spain.

Both campaigns run along the same lines, altering the shape of the window in the packetto represent an object related to a specific holiday.  While at Christmas Navidul used the shapes of a present and a Christmas tree, for Father’s Day their packaging will show a tie or some boxer shorts.

In reference to these typical Father’s Day presents, Navidul has given their product a little twist. The packaging may show the iconic gifts, but the contents will be delicious ham! A fun way to wish someone a happy Father’s Day with a touch of originality and humour.

Campaigns like these are made possible thanks to the digital printing technique that allows us to personalise individual units of packaging in short runs. Digital printing is ideal for specific offers, seasonal campaigns – like the Navidul campaign – and test launches.

Who knows what Navidul has in store for us in the future. What about you? Do you want to give personalisation a try?