Digital printing is the preferred technique of marketing departments.



Digital printing does not require plates and has no added costs, with the designs being reproduced directly from the computer. The quality is very high, very similar to offset and rotogravure printing, but production time is shorter.

One of the most relevant characteristics of digital printing is the possibility of customising individual items. This technology allows digital printing to use packaging as a marketing and communication tool to achieve a better personalisation and versatility, with the aim of targeting customers with more direct messages in one-off campaigns or on specific occasions. We also have a new HP Mosaic technique available to our clients. This is a revolutionary software for hyper-customisation through unique designs.

Digital printing is principally aimed at small runs, and is very useful for pre-launch tests and markets tests, and for offers and smaller volume products, among others.

The inks used in digital printing are turned into seven-colour processes.


At SP Group we optimise our production processes to provide the most efficient service to large industry. Many multinational companies already trust our ability to meet their flexible packaging needs on a daily basis.
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