Thermoformable material that welds against polyester. Very transparent and impact resistant. Peelability can be added. It is the ideal material for participating in SP GROUP’s Tray2Tray circular economy project. Available in a variety of colours.


Kraft paper laminate in a complex with SOL material to provide a high barrier. The complex may also be made with other materials. Particularly suitable for lids. A lengthwise window can be added to show the food product inside. Other paper finishes are also available.


Special flexible laminate with high barrier.. Welds directly onto polyester trays and is resistant to heat processes. It is an eco-efficient material as it the laminate can be made very thin, providing all related savings.


As with other materials in the SOL range, VSOL provides a high barrier with the required characteristics, but includes improvements for it to be used in vertical packaging machines. It has good hot tack and a low weld temperature.


SOL is a coextrusion material that is superior to other materials with chloride barriers. It provides a high barrier, and is air and watertight. It has excellent flatness in laminate form and is very tough. Welds with polyethylene and polypropylene as required. Suitable for protective atmosphere. Requires lower sealing temperature. SOL PEL when peelability required. Considerable savings are made with this material.


FSOL is a material that provides a high barrier and is suitable of use in horizontal machines. It has good hot-tack, a low weld temperature, and is suitable for the heat process of pasteurisation.


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