Since October, SP GROUP has been a member of PETCORE EUROPE, (an acronym of ‘PET COntainer REcycling’), a non-profit European commercial association based in Brussels that is responsible for collecting, classifying and recycling post-consumer PET.

Founded in 1993, it represents the complete PET value chain in Europe, and its members include producers, convertors and recyclers, as well as by many companies that individually participate in the improvement of the sustainable growth of the PET industry.  Moreover, PETCORE works together with brands and companies that carry out waste-management projects on a European scale, interacting with technology centres, universities and other public institutions, to share knowledge and develop a common strategy for 2030.

In the words of Christian Crépet, Executive Director of the association: ‘PETCORE EUROPE’s mission is to enhance the value and sustainable growth of the complete PET value chain in Europe, from PET production to its conversion into packaging, its recycling and other related activities’. And there is no denying that PET is an excellent packaging material, as well as the most-recycled plastic in Spain.

Thanks to this new alliance, SP GROUP will have the guarantee of being aligned with all the PET industry, complying with the guidelines of the 2030 European Strategy for Plastics, as well as being periodically informed of the new regulations, recycling and decontamination technologies, and new PET-related projects. All this is great news for our clients, as we will be able to keep you updated with industry-related news, new developments, and competitive advantages over plastic packaging materials.