Flexible packaging is currently a highly attractive packaging option as it is both lightweight and easy to use. Stand-up pouches are a highly popular flexible-packaging option, and they are increasingly sought by shoppers looking to consume products on the go. Their flexibility and different reclosure options, such as caps, zippers, hook-and-loop fastening tape, and valves, are attractive features for buyers today. These pouches can also be customised to further their appeal.

The increase in the demand for flexible packaging made it the second most popular packaging material in 2020, with a volume of around 21.2%, and a production forecast of 15,9 million units per year in 2025.

Regarding stand-up pouches, a growth of 10% is expected in Europe by 2025, based on the figures from 2020, provided by Global Data. Most of the growth during this period will be related to detergents, dry foodstuffs, soups, pre-prepared dishes and personal hygiene products.

Stand-up pouches have many advantages, principally:

  • The optimisation of space and high degree of flexibility makes them very easy to manipulate.
  • They are easy to carry, which means they can be used on the go.
  • They provide excellent preservation, as they have barrier properties and can be reclosed and resealed to ensure products remain fresh for longer.
  • They save on transport and materials costs, as they are lightweight and smaller than traditional containers, and need no additional labelling.
  • They can be customised, with their shape adapted to each client and the whole pouch printed using one of the four printing techniques: rotogravure, flexography and digital.
  • They are eye-catching on the shelves, as they stand upright, making them more visible.
  • They are more environmentally friendly, as they use less plastic and are lighter to transport, helping reduce your carbon footprint. In addition to helping you save on materials and processes, stand-up pouches are a sustainable packaging option.

With all these advantages, why wouldn’t you choose stand-up pouches? Ask us about the best option for your product.