There’s no doubt that 2022 was an extraordinary year: war, raw material shortages and rises in the cost of energy and fuel. At SPG, we’ve adapted while meeting objectives and demonstrating that we are flexible when faced with adversity. And that’s all thanks to the relentless hard work of our team and the amazing support of our clients who trust in us and have been with us throughout the entire process.

Our financial statements for 2022 are healthy: we turned over €211M across the entire group. We’re also delighted with the results of our exports, which amounted to €71M. These figures demonstrate our upward trajectory and the robustness of our company. We are now among the sustainability leaders in the packaging sector.

Our last product launch in 2022 – PP HB ECOTOP + RST B ECO, the first retortable recyclable vacuum packs with high barrier and part of our ECO range of recyclable monomaterial solutions – was a major leap forward for the FMCG market. These items can withstand heat treatments like sterilisation, which is essential to extending the useful life of products. By preserving all the product’s properties, these packs reduce food waste and support environmental sustainability.

As for 2023, here’s what our CEO, Francisco Bernal, has to say: “Our objective is to keep innovating to bring sustainable structures to market that support the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This is all against a remarkable backdrop whereby, not only do we need to meet the needs of consumers, we also need to be on top of all European regulations and the complex laws governing recycling ”. In short, we will continue to grow while developing cutting-edge materials and driving sustainability forward. More importantly, we will support and assist our clients with the difficult task ahead.


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