Working in conjunction with Vitaly, we have developed a range of bags with side pleats for their cat and dog food products. Vitaly is a company with more than 25 years experience in the pet food sector. Their products use ingredients from the Mediterranean region, are GM-free and contain no artificial colours or preservatives.

The novelty of these bags is that both side pleats can be included in the print run to contain information that is different from that on the front or back. Up until now, we had been able to offer printing on the front and back of the bag, but not on the sides. However, our clients now have the opportunity of incorporating the sides into the design, making the most of a new space on the packaging for displaying useful information.  

We also produced 18-kg dry-dog-food bags, our largest bags to date! These bags were printed using offset printing, a revolutionary, high-quality printing technique that is ideal for products that have a high turnover of designs. It is the best technique for medium runs and is characterised by its flexibility when it comes to changing the design for the next run.  We believe this is certainly a point in its favour for marketing departments. 

It is also compatible with other forms of personalisation, such as matt or gloss lacquers, paper-effect lacquer, etc.

We are thrilled to be able to work with our clients to innovate and find new solutions!  Thank you Vitaly for trusting in us.


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