Sustainability is an issue that concerns everyone, but as a packaging manufacturer it is particularly important for us. It is our job to find formulas that respond to market demands regarding the use of mono-materials to reduce environmental impact.

R-Closing Efficient is a material of our time. It contains a high barrier with no chlorine products, and combines good laminate opening with safe, resealable closing. Combining it with our Apet Efficient, makes the packaging resealable and sustainable as it reduces thickness.

The R-Closing Efficient structure is available in transparent, white and metallic finishes; just choose the one that meets your needs.

This material can be printed using any technique and is available from 75 microns upwards. It is the perfect combination: sufficient rigidity to ensure the lid falls smoothly but firmly and recloses, and the flexibility required for it to open smoothly.

Its greatest benefit? That it can withstand being opened and closed many times, and our R&D and Innovation department has a study to prove it. The graph below show a comparison between R-Closing Efficient and one of our competitor’s materials.

All the products in this study were created under the same conditions.


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