When you want to stand out and attract consumers, you don’t just need a striking design, you also need to take the plunge and try new materials. SOFT2TOUCH is a material that is very similar in appearance to paper, but more resistant to water and grease.

It can be used in a double or triple complex with other materials with many different properties as it is only designed to improve the appearance of the packaging.

We currently recommend the digital printing technique for this material.

SOFT2TOUCH is suitable for packaging any type of product. The properties required to maintain the optimum conditions for the product depends on the materials that it is used in a complex with.


BIO FVSOL MATT Black is a PVOH-based laminate that is totally biodegradable, compostable and bio-based in accordance with regulation EN 13432.

This laminate is very similar to the BIO FVSOL material, except that it is black with a matt finish.

It is characterised by its similarity to paper in terms of feel and roughness. This material can be used with HD flexographic or rotogravure printing, and the packaging will still be 100% biodegradable thanks to the biodegradable inks.


Rclosing Efficient is a flexible high-barrier laminate with properties that permit re-closure. It is used as a lid for trays principally made from our APET EFFICIENT material.  The laminate is characterised by being more sustainable than others as it is thinner and contains no chlorine products. In a triple complex it is available from 75 microns.

Rclosing Efficient ensures the lid falls smoothly and firmly onto the tray so that the packet is re-closed and the preservation time increases during the established consumption period. As with previous openings, it ensures the re-closure is uniform.

It can be made with transparent, white and metallic complexes.


Coextruded laminate for vacuum-packing with good rigidity. Highly puncture resistant and good gas and water-vapour barrier.


Coextruded peelable laminate for vacuum-packing. With oxygen, aroma and moisture barrier. Also admits sterilisation treatment. Highly transparent and glossy.


RST is a versatile vacuum-packing material. High Barrier option: RSTB. Admits any heat treatment and deep draw thermoforming. High degree of transparency and shine, although colour may also be added.


If you are looking for a material for vacuum-packing, this is the material for you. Oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier. It is also puncture resistant and preserves liquids.


This material is used for vacuum-packed products. It has deep draw thermoforming properties, is peelable and admits pasteurisation heat treatments.


This material is used in vacuum-packed products. It has a good degree of smoothness, making it suitable for the manufacture of vertical-fill bags and pouches. It also has good thermoforming properties and admits pasteurisation heat treatments.


This material is used for vacuum-packed products, principally as a base, as it has good thermoforming properties and an oxygen barrier. It is generally used as a base for other structures.


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