PROJECT RECICLACTIVE: “Delivering the meat industry new sustainable, recyclable active packaging solutions.”

Consortium of companies: EL POZO ALIMENTACIÓN and SP GROUP. IDI-20210053

The purpose of this project is to develop innovative, 100% recyclable active packaging solutions. Multi-layer packaging is composed of many different types of combinations, which we, at SP GROUP, convert into three to nine layers through the use of flat and blown film extrusion equipment. The use of multiple polymers provides excellent mechanical and physical properties to materials which they would otherwise lack (in monomaterial structures). Reducing weight and thickness does not only lead to cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint during manufacturing and transport, but it also improves thermal resistance, moisture and oxygen barriers, and printing efficiencies, among others. The ultimate benefits are improved product conservation, extended product shelf life and reduced food waste.

However, multilayer plastic packaging waste represents a great environmental concern because they are not always managed accordingly and the recycling process is quite complex, causing incineration and disposal rates to remain high. This is where Project RECICLACTIVE comes into play. We wanted to combine performance and sustainability in food packaging materials by giving a second life to plastic waste through other greater added-value extrusion applications, complying therefore with the objectives set out in the European Union’s 2030 plastic strategy and waste-related legislation, which will soon include recycled and biobased plastics. The addition of active agents to recycled packaging solutions to extend the shelf life of packaged products is the final step of the our 4-year project (AVANZA-S, IDI-20150604).



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