Project INTELACTIVE. ‘Multi-layer active and smart packaging with improved recyclability for the meat industry’

Consortium of companies: ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN S.A, UBE Corporation Europe, S.A.  and SPG. IDI-20230824.

The main aim of this project is to develop new, recyclable, multi-layer laminated packaging for meat products requiring modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) or vacuum packing. This technology does not currently exist, so our goal is to develop it with materials that contain polyamides. Our priorities include downgauged materials, improved recyclability and the reuse of waste in applications with high added value. Active-packaging and smart-packaging technologies developed during the project will be applied to the new improved packaging in order to increase the shelf-life of meat products and ensure their traceability for quality purposes. These developments in both active and smart packaging will focus on reducing and detecting oxidation and microbiological deterioration to help reduce waste of materials and food.

Technical collaboration between the companies will be established to demonstrate the recyclability of the new films containing polyamides on an industrial scale. The objective is to replace conventional laminated PET/PE EVOH (non-recyclable) top films with new laminated top films that can be recycled in both the polyethylene (PE) and the polyester (PET) streams for vaccum packing materials and MAP respectively. As such, the new developments will be suitable for recycling in the two main streams in Spain, increasing recycling rates and demonstrating their technical and economic viability at industry level.

Project cofunded by CDTI (the Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology), with money from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


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