PP HB ECO certification

Congratulations are in order!

Our PP HB ECO has been evaluated by the CYCLOS-HTP institute and certified for recycling in the PP stream that currently exists in several European countries. Our pouches and bags made of PP HB ECO (with and without zippers) have been rated AA, which means that 90% of the packaging can be recycled, as it is almost entirely composed of polypropylene. CYCLOS-HPT also assessed our PP HB ECO baby food pouches with caps for the rigid PP recycling stream and rated them AAA, meaning 96% of the packaging is recyclable. These classification tests are performed because some countries, such as Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Netherlands and Norway already have sorting and recycling structures in place that will soon be implemented in more countries to increase recycling rates.

The CYCLOS-HTP institute is a German company that specialises in the classification, evaluation and certification of packaging recyclability, as well as relevant research and development.

The new PP HB ECO is a polypropylene-based retortable complex with high-barrier properties, which means it can replace non-recyclable structures. such as aluminium foil, metallic coatings and multi-material structures. It is a mono-material structure that can withstand heat treatments, such as retort processes, pasteurisation, hot-fill and microwaving. Thanks to these treatments, the shelf-life of foods is extended, which also helps to reduce food waste.

With this structure, SP GROUP is providing real, sustainable solutions that meet market and consumer demands. It also helps reduce our carbon footprint because it is light weight, uses fewer resources, requires less consumption in related logistics and minimises food waste. For almost two decades now flexible packaging has been a real alternative to metal tins and glass jars.

We are delighted to have achieved this important certification.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about our products.