For some time now we have been hearing how important it is for manufacturers to be able to use their packaging as a marketing and communication tool. Because we know it plays a fundamental role in the consumer’s decision-making process, SP GROUP creates ‘tailor-made’ packaging for its clients.

We resolutely work on new techniques and formats (both flexible and rigid) that allow us to guarantee the level of personalisation and versatility that our clients require, as well as providing the option to create a special look for one-off marketing campaigns, special occasions, unique events, etc. Let your packaging design transmit a message to mark a special occasion.

SP GROUP provides a variety of solutions depending on the look or values sought (NATURTRAY, NATURFILM, SPG EFFICIENT, etc.). Today, the main demands of our clients are sustainable packaging, which allows us to be more environmentally friendly by making our clients part of the ‘tray2tray’ circular-economy system, and digital printing, aimed at smaller runs for pre-launch tests or markets tests (promotions or low-volume products).

We ensure we are fully aware of current market trends and the needs of the sector, and seek solutions that broaden the range of options for our clients’ packaging, advising them on the advantages and benefits of different formats, as well as familiarising them with the options that will guarantee their products stand out in upcoming campaigns.

If you have an idea in mind, let us know. We will make it a reality!