Packaging for Sauces and Liquids

We have the best materials for packaging liquids, including sauces, soup and juices.


Sauces and Liquids

One of the latest trends in packaging for liquids is to replace materials such as paper, glass and metal, as both distribution outlets and consumers require more economic, striking and less-polluting packaging. This is the case of packaging for liquids in Doypack format. They allow a high degree of customisation and can be adapted to almost any need. They are very practical for handling, can be produced in many sizes, and are highly customisable.

All four types of printing available at SP Group can be used (flexography, rotogravure, offset and digital printing), with gloss, matte or combination finishes. With closures, easy-open or laser pre-cut to ensure the bag or pouch opens correctly, as well as a range of perforation options. They can even have caps for juices. These pouches are a definitive and modern solution for packaging soup, sauces and juices to ensure they stand out on the shelves. We also have specific materials with barriers and which withstand heat treatments.

In the section of oil packaging, flat pouches or lids and bases are excellent formats as they are both striking and easy to use.

Sauces and Liquids
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