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Ready Meals

The stand-up pouch models are the latest in packaging for pre-prepared foods and ready meals, especially microwaveable and on-the-go products.

The packaging for pre-prepared and ready-made food in this format can be personalised in a number of ways: zipper seals, with notches or laser pre-cut for easy opening, caps, etc. The stand-up pouches are generally made from high-barrier complexes, even being suitable for medium and high-heat treatments such as pasteurization or sterilization which makes them versatile in their use as packaging for pre-prepared food and ready meals.

Perforations of all types can be applied to these pouches to achieve more attractive shapes and even improve the user experience of the consumer. In our on-the-go formats, designed for use outside the home, we have also incorporated elements such as our VSTEAMⓇ valve that allows the food to be cooked in the microwave without the need to open the bag or pouches, and without the need to thaw the food first.

SPG’s materials for thermoforming are also a very good choice ready-meal packaging, as our varieties of thermoformable films with or without barriers are ideal for use as web bases for sandwiches, or compartmentalised and all-in-one prepared foods. We have a wide variety of standard or custom colours available, several shades of gold and metallic silver, as well as the new options of gloss or coloured glitter.

Ready Meals
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