Packaging for Dry Foods

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Dry foods

Rice, pasta, pulses, etc. must be kept free from moisture and maintain all their properties when they are consumed. Within our range of SOL materials, you will find specific laminates for this sector. When laminated with OPP, VSOL is a material that creates a structure especially suitable for use in the vertical machines (VFFS) used for filling rice bags. This material provides the right degree of smoothness for making pouches for rice, as well as having a high barrier and good hot tack, which is so necessary for a good weld in high-speed productions at low temperatures. It is also a material that minimises the chimney effect produced where the bag’s folds come together.

It is very important to store pulses correctly to ensure that they have not lost their organoleptic properties by the time they are used. The most popular types of packaging for pulses produced by SP GROUP are those made from double PP or PP/PE complexes that guarantee this level of preservation.

Dry foods
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