Packaging for Cheese and Dairy

Multilayer laminates designed for ease-of-use and to preserve cheeses for all types of cut: sliced, wedged, diced, grated …


Cheeses and Dairy

RClosing plus is particularly suitable for cheese slices or wedges. It is a multilayer laminate developed by SPG for use in tray lids and has a high barrier. The use of resealable packaging guarantees its consumers that the slices of cheese will remain fresh for longer. This resealable packaging is smooth to peel but recloses firmly, which is why it has been so well-received by consumers.

SPG is happy to work with you to develop materials and new formats for your company. Our R&D and Innovation department is at your disposal for creating new material solutions.

In packaging for grated cheese, we have a wide range of bags and pouches with different finishes and closure customisations: zipper, laser pre-cut for better opening, etc. In Doypack or flat formats.
We provide solutions for all types of vertical, horizontal, thermoforming and vacuum-packing machines, with or without a protective atmosphere.

SP GROUP also provides solutions for packaging yoghurts and dairy-based desserts. Duplex laminates for lids for individual yoghurts or dairy products, or products packaged in groups of 4 or more lids.

In printed metal or plastic, with a matte or gloss finish, the materials for packaging yoghurts and dairy-based desserts allow maximum efficiency in FFS machines, they are heat-sealable and peelable on Polystyrene (PS), suitable for both cold and hot filling and are easy to open. Yoghurt and dairy-dessert packaging can now be printed either with digital or offset techniques, meaning you can customise each individual piece. This is ‘variable data printing’, a powerful ally of marketing strategies.

Cheeses and Dairy
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