We are keen to drive development of solutions that help solve our clients’ packaging issues. At SPG, we have chosen to focus on materials designed especially for the cheese industry with the aim of delivering solutions that meet the mechanical and preservation capability demands of this sector. More specifically, we have focused on vacuum packaging.

LACTOGAL, one of the largest dairy produce and dairy by-product companies in Portugal, is one of those clients. The company is a fierce defender of top-quality food production and it chose to share its commitment to decreasing packaging waste and improving efficiency with us. SPG used this commitment as the footing for its work developing proposals to minimise reject rates. Out of the four product references that we developed, LACTOGAL chose to put our new material, RB Q , to the test.

RB Q is a thermoformable co-extrusion material for vacuum packing. It is polyamide- and polyethylene-based and has high barrier properties. Its formulation means it has enhanced mechanical properties and it adapts perfectly to the shape of the packaged product without wrinkling during the vacuum process. This improvement means we can avoid corner tearing, which increases the number of suitably-packaged products that come off the production line.

The results have been wonderful because the combined resistance and strength of the new RB Q material have helped LACTOGAL to make a marked improvement in their rejection rate. They have also decreased waste and brought processing times down, which also decreases the time spent handling packaging that does not meet acceptance standards.

While this material was designed specifically for this product, it can also be used for other foods that generate similar issues on production lines.

If you would like to find out more about SPG’s Q product line for vacuum packed foods, get in touch through your sales representative or on ventas@spg-pack.com.


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