As in previous years, we are continuing our commitment to sustainability, which has helped consolidate our presence in national and international markets. In 2019, we achieved a total turnover for the group of €151M. For exports, the figure was €53M – 3.95% more than the previous year.

We increased our sales in countries like Luxembourg, Norway, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and Romania, with our plant in Poland being particularly infuential in the latter two countries and increasing its turnover by 50% last year, surpassing the €2.8M of 2018 to reach €4.2M in 2019. Complying with its strategic plan, our Polish facility, which began with a single offset printer, has expanded its fleet of machinery to include a flexographic printing press and two bag-cutting machines.

These excellent financial results demonstrate the robustness of our position, which means we are able to continue advancing without the need for a new investment partner. In the words of our CEO, Francisco Bernal; ‘We are currently at a crucial moment in time where the development of sustainable packaging is the base and driving force for growth in our industry.  For this reason, and having repeatedly demonstrated our determination to find more environmentally friendly packaging solutions that meet real market demands, we have decided to continue our efforts with the same vigour as always’.

One point to highlight is that in 2019 the number of clients opting to try our sustainable packaging increased almost 200%, with 34% of all trials using PE HB ECO, a 100% recyclable polyethylene-based structure with high barrier properties, and which stands out for its capacity to withstand different heat treatments.

For 2020, our objective is still to achieve versatile, personalised, eco-friendly packaging in formats with closures that help reduce food waste and preserve the products once open. This way we will meet the demands of modern customers who want products they can consume on the go. In short, we want to maintain the advances we have achieved in recent years, developing cutting-edge materials that comply with the European Commission guidelines that will soon be required by law.


At SP Group we optimise our production processes to provide the most efficient service to large industry. Many multinational companies already trust our ability to meet their flexible packaging needs on a daily basis.
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